5 Healthy Snack Menus for Vegetarian : Worth to Try!

Vegetarian lovers may find it difficult to find healthy vegetarian snacks. This is because a healthy diet that has been implemented, which is not consuming meat, fish and eggs, makes vegetarians not have many choices as snacks.

Vegetarian only consumes plant foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. This intake is absolutely very healthy because of the lack of fat content.

For you vegetarians who love snacking, following recommendations of fat-free healthy food that can be a healthy veggie snacks menu:

1. Salad

vegetarian salad

Salad would be a menu that can not be reject by vegetarian. This healthy snack can be made like a vegetable or fruit salad.

Mix it with nuts will be more tasteful, and pour mayonnaise and healthy salad for vegetarian diet ready to be enjoy!

2. Granola for Vegetarian Snacks


Granola is currently a trend for healthy food lovers because of the high content of vegetable protein fiber. Its is made from oat grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits is perfect as healthy vegetarian snacks.

You can enjoy this snack with milk, honey, or maple syrup. Healthy and free from fat!

3. Wheat Bread

Unlike regular bread, whole wheat bread is certainly healthier with a high fiber content so that it makes you feel fuller for longer. It goes well with the vegetarian menu, right!

Eat the wheat bread as a healthy snack for vegetarians with toppings such as bananas or peanut butter!

4. Roasted Nuts as Healthy Vegetarian Snacks


Nuts are always a snack when watching tv. The protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber content are certainly the right choices for veggie snacks.

You can find various types of roasted nuts that can be enjoyed as snacks. For example almonds and walnuts.

5. Soy Yogurt

Yogurt for vegetarian snacks

Yogurt is generally made from cow’s milk. Certainly not suitable for vegetarians. But now there is variant of yoghurt made from soybeans!

It can be healthy vegetarian snacks. Fresh with vegetable protein!

Notes from DeveHealth:

Vegetarian lifestyle is very healthy, but you shouldn’t be afraid to snack. Healthy snacks above highly recommended and can be enjoyed without fear of damaging the diet that had been applied.

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