5 Ideas of Baby Foods for Led Weaning

Coming into 6 months, your baby will start to consume supplementary baby foods. As they grow older, they will learn to bite more solid foods or we commonly called led weaning.

During this period, you need to prepare types of foods that they can easily hold with their small fingers.

When your baby starts eating solid foods, here some ideas of safe finger foods that you can give to them to introduce some foods’ taste and textures.

1. Banana

For your baby’s first try, you might be thinking of foods with a very soft texture. You can get this from a banana. This fruit not only comes with a soft texture but also a sweet taste that most babies like. A typical one that parents commonly give to introduce foods to the baby.

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Cut this fruit into small pieces so the baby can eat it easily without choking. Otherwise, you can try other soft ripe fruits as their first supplementary food.

2. Avocado

Still coming from fruit groups, there is avocado with a soft and velvety texture. Easy enough for your baby to consume when they just start eating solid foods. This fruit is also another ideal option for their first finger food.

Cut the avocado into tiny cubes before giving them to your baby. Although it may less sweet, the baby can still explore its unique texture.

3. Broccoli

Aside from fruits, it will be good to introduce your baby vegetables when they enter 6 months or so. Among various kinds of veggies, broccoli is often chosen to give as one of the first baby foods. Its texture is just perfect to introduce your baby to daily diets.

Don’t only use the top parts of the broccoli. Instead, leave some stem on every cut so that your baby can easily hold it and put it into their mouths.

4. Sweet Potato

Babies naturally like sweet foods so you can explore many foods with this kind of taste as their finger foods. Sweet potato is one of the best options for your baby who just learn how to eat by themselves.

Instead of boiling them, you had better either steam or bake them to preserve more nutrients.

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Steamed, diced sweet potatoes not only give babies their favorite sweet taste but this vegetable is also easy to put into their mouth.

5. Pasta

To explore more taste of foods, you can start giving baby paste on their sixth or seventh months. Choose types of pasta that can be safely consumed by a baby such as macaroni or spirals. These pasta shapes make a perfect option for the baby to grasp and eat.

Besides, you need to ensure the pasta is well-cooked before giving them to the baby.

Notes from DeveHealth:

When start giving supplementary foods to your baby, you have to choose the safe ones so that their digestive system gets used to them. Make sure to choose healthy fruits or cooked ones to serve as finger foods. You also need to give baby foods in small pieces to make a baby easier in holding and eating them.

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