6 Benefits of Dates: Pregnant Woman Must Know

Dates are a must-eat fruit during the fasting month. But besides that, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to consume this fruit because of its various benefits, such as vitamins, minerals to carbohydrates.

During pregnancy, this fruit can be healthy snack for pregnant women. These are the benefits for pregnancy:

  • A good source of energy because of the high sugar content
  • Contains vitamin K and magnesium which are good for baby development
  • Prevents anemia or lack of blood because of its iron content
  • Folic acid in it can prevents birth defects
  • Prevents constipation that is often experienced by pregnant women
  • As a natural induction and eases the childbirth process

Benefits of Dates for Childbirth

As mentioned above, dates also make childbirth process become easier. Consuming this fruit during the last trimester of pregnancy can help the cervix ripen, which can reduce the duration of labor. Thereby it also reducing the need for oxytocin and prostaglandins to induce labor.

In addition, the high sugar content in dates is also a source of energy during labor. Helps uterine contractions by increasing its sensitivity to oxytocin and also reduce the risk of postpartum bleeding.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Dates are a healthy snack during pregnancy. Besides filling, this fruit has a lot of benefits from pregnancy to childbirth. You can eat it directly or it can also mix it with milk into drinks.

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