6 Causes of Dandruff: Weather Effects to Fungus Problems!

Stubborn dandruff is a problem which not only interfere with the appearance, but the itchiness felt very uncomfortable. Dandruff is defined as a chronic scalp condition found in grayish-white or sometimes yellowish-white scales or flakes of the scalp.

The symptoms are very easy to recognize, for example the presence of grayish-white or yellowish oily scalp flakes, but not tightly attached to the scalp, often found on the surface of the scalp, between the hair, and on the shoulders. The other common symptoms that are often felt are itching, inflammation, and dryness of the scalp.

Dandruff can be caused by many things, including:

1. Lazy to Wash Hair

wash hair

This habit is certainly not good for the health of your scalp. When the scalp is rarely cleaned with shampoo then the oil and dead skin cells will accumulate on the scalp and become dandruff.

2. Excess Oil Caused Dandruff

When you have a lot outdoor activity, sweating is inevitable and produce excess oil on the scalp. If you don’t wash your hair immediately, dandruff will appear.

3. Rarely Comb the Hair

combing hair

Combing the hair making it soft and free of dirt or debris to dry scalp. Instead, if you lazy to comb the hair, it will make the hair easily to frizzy and buildup of dead skin cells and also mildew in the head.

4. Food Allergies

Not a few cases caused by food allergies. Itching sensation that usually appear on the skin of the body it can also be felt on the scalp.

5. Weather Effect Triggers Dandruff

Weather Effect Triggers Dandruff

When the weather is hot, excess oil production is often experienced. It is a common cause of dandruff. Conversely when the weather is cold, avoid washing your hair too often.

6. Malassezia Fungus Problems

Generally, everyone has the fungus Malassezia that live on the skin surface. This fungus functions to eat dead skin cells and oil on the scalp. However, when there is excess oil and dirt due to hot and humid air, it can actually trigger the development of the fungus to become dandruff.

Notes from DeveHealth:

The cause of dandruff is basically a dirty scalp due to excess oil. So it is important for you to pay attention to the cleanliness of your scalp by diligently wash and comb your hair!

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