Back Acne (Bacne): Basics and Causes

Back acne (bacne) is one of skin problem that is often experienced by women and men. This kind of body acne generally appear because of excessive sweating.

Usually, bacne causes itching sensation which interferes with daily activities. Besides that, these back acne scars certainly bothering with your appearance.

Generally, bacne causes are not much different from the other skin problem. Here is a summary of the causes:

1. Hormone


Hormonal imbalance triggers skin problem in several parts of the body, including our back. Usually this happens when a woman is menstruating or often experienced by pregnant women.

If the hormone levels in the blood increase, the sweat glands produce excess oil. As a result, dead skin cells that are not removed can cause clogged pores and become the reasons for back acne.

2. Skin irritation causes back acne

skin irritation causes back acne

Skin irritation also become causes of body acne, either its from germs or bacteria. This often occurs due to unsanitary clothes, unsuitable bath products, or even because you have long hair that often touches the back.

These germs or bacteria when or interact with skin tissue will cause a body reaction such as back acne.

3. Excessive sweat

sweat causes back acne

Excessive sweating is a potential for bacne. If you have a lot of activities outside home, that will be the reason of increased sweat production.

If you don’t take a shower immediately after finishing your day’s activities, the sweat will dry and make the dirt on the skin trapped and trigger bacne. Its also causes itchiness.

4. Oily hair triggers back acne

oily hair

Long and oily hair can be the cause of your back being contaminated. It is important to wash and clean your hair from various impurities in it.

Better to tie your hair when the body is sweating as a prevention of back acne causes.

5. Unhealthy food

unhealthy food

If you don’t want any acne scars on back, one way to prevent it is to eat healthy foods. Because diet has a big influence on skin health. Foods with excess sugar are certainly not good. When blood sugar levels rise, the body can react with acne.

Reduce excess sugar intake, balance with fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C which is certainly already proven to be good for skin health!

Notes from DeveHealth:

Some of bacne causes are very related to our daily activities. As back acne solutions, it is important to keep the skin clean by bathing 2x a day, change clothes and keep the intake of nutritious food!

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