Best Breakout Treatment With 6 Natural Ingredients

Breakout treatment is not difficult if done as soon as possible. Unlike general acne that takes a long time, facial breakout is easier to do with natural ingredients.

Breakout means a condition where there are small spots reddish color around the face. These spots can appear on the forehead, chin and cheeks in large numbers.

Generally, this facial problem occur because women not being careful in cleaning the face, especially for them who use make up every day.

Breakout face sometimes become problem in women’s self-confidence. Here are the list of best breakout treatment using natural ingredients that easy to find at your home:

1. Ice Cube

ice cubes

Ice cubes have been shown to relieve skin breakouts. The trick is very easy, you just need to rub an ice cube on the facial areas which has breakout.

The cold sensation of ice also reduces itching and redness of the face due to breakout. Ice cubes can be the most effective way to get rid of super breakout if you done it regularly.

2. Lemon

lemon to reduce breakout

We all know that lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, that is the reason why this ingredient is always become solution for skin problems.

To get rid breakouts on cheeks, forehead or other facial areas with lemon is easy. You only need to apply lemon juice in the breakout area. Let it stand 15-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

3. Tomato

tomato for skin

Similarly like lemon, tomatoes are also known to have a high vitamin C. The antioxidants in it can also treat inflammation of the skin.

As a breakout treatment, you can make a tomato puree with blender and then use as a mask to treat dry skin and blemishes on your face.

4. Honey

honey as breakout treatment

Honey has a myriad of benefits for the skin. This natural ingredient already known to use as moisturizer and also to overcome dull skin.

Use pure honey on your face, let stand 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Very easy to apply!

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera for facial breakout

Aloe vera is known for its vitamin E content which is good for the skin. Generally used to treat irritation or burn skin.

The cold sensation can relieve itching in the breakout. How to use is very simple, just need to apply aloe vera on the face and let it stand for a while, and do not forget to rinse with clean water.

If you have trouble finding this plant, you can find processed products such as aloe vera in gel form that are ready to use.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar for breakout

Apple cider vinegar is a much sought after women as a facial skin care ingredients. For some case, forehead breakout is the worse. This liquid is known as the most effective way to remove super breakout.

It is easy to apply, just need to rub apple cider vinegar using a soft cotton on the facial breakout area. For those who are first using this liquid, they must be able to withstand the very strong aroma.

Notes from DeveHealth:

All the ingredients above are the best breakout treatment. Very easy to find and of course, they don’t require expensive costs either.

The key is to apply regularly and diligently. Never forget to wash your face before and after using these materials.

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