Itchy Belly During Pregnancy: Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks

Itchy belly during pregnancy is often experienced. During pregnancy, mother’s belly is getting bigger. As the belly enlarges, itchiness may begin to appear because the stretchable skin.

Well, stratch the itchy belly during pregnancy is not recommended because it will cause scars called stretch marks. Generally, stretch marks will appear after 6 months of gestational age.

Itchy stomach in pregnancy is normal, so there is no need to worry too much. Some of the causes of this itchiness are:

  • Skin stretching, The itching sensation that occurs is caused by the skin stretching following the stomach enlargement. As a result, the pores are open and make the skin dry easily and trigger itchiness.
  • Hormone changes, Not only in the stomach, itchiness can appear in other areas of the body. This is reasonable because pregnant women experience changes in estrogen which causes dry and itchy skin.

Itchiness will felt more by pregnant women when they entering the last trimester. Absolutely, that feeling will make them uncomfortable. Moreover, stratching is not the solution because can cause stretch mark in pregnancy.

Here are easy tips relieve itchy stomach in pregnancy:

1. Use Moisturizer

moisturizer for pregnant women

Dry skin needs moisturizer. Pregnant women can use olive oil, coconut oil, or other moisturizing creams to moisturize the skin. It is also useful as a best way to prevent stretch marks while pregnant.

2. Compress with Cold Water

cold water

The cold is believed to reduce the itchiness. Use a soft cloth to compress the itchy area and let it sit for 10 minutes.

3. Use Comfortable Clothes

comfort cloth for pregnant women

Pregnant women better avoid wearing tight clothes. Otherwise, pregnant women are suggested to wear loose and comfortable clothes with materials that absorb sweat easily.

4. Use Soap with Soft and Unscented Ingredients


Soap selection during pregnancy is also important in order to avoid irritation of the skin. Pregnant women can sort soap with ingredients that are more friendly to the skin.

5. Avoid Shower or Baths in Warm Water

warm water

Warm water actually causes dry skin and triggers itchiness. Therefore pregnant women should not take a bath in warm water frequently.

6. Cut the Nails Routinely

cut the nails

When you feel itchy, pregnant women will hard to hold themselves from scratching. Therefore, cutting nails is important to avoid scratching the itchy skin area. Short nails are also healthier and avoid germs or bacteria.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Hormonal changes and stomach enlargement cause the itchy belly during pregnancy. Try not to scratch it! Do the tips above to relieve the itchiness. The tips also useful to prevent stretch marks after birth.

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