Media Literacy in Parenting During Covid-19 Pandemic

Media literacy is a very important this pandemic Covid-19 era. The work from home policy, making all activities ranging from work to school activities also carried out online.

The use of gadget such as handphone for online instantaneously increases. Without the supervision of parents, the media in this technology will lead to some problems in raising children.

Pornography: The Impacts of Lack in Media Literacy

media literacy for children

These days it’s hard to find kids who don’t have handphone. Especially in these Covid-19 pandemic, where children needed any gadget to learn online. However, without the supervision of parents, these small objects can causes positive and negative impact to children.

Through mobile phones access to new mass media or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram becomes very easy. Unfortunately, its also became the root of the problem parenting ranging from addiction to online games, cyber bullying to pornographic video exposure.

One of the causes of sexual violence in children caused by the lack of understanding of parents about the use of media. When accessing the internet, it is not uncommon for spam advertisements to appear in the form of pornography in it.

Sadly, our eyes are now faced with cases of sexual violence against children which have not led to murder. Even today children are not only victims of that immoral acts but are also as perpetrators.

What is Media Literacy?

media literacy meaning

Media literacy meaning is the ability to understand, analyze the content or content in the media.

One of the popular media used is new mass media, for example internet access with a variety of social media platforms. This literacy is important so that all users can properly filter the information obtained from the media.

Why Do Parents Need Media Literacy?

parenting media literacy

Overcoming the problem of internet addiction in children it is necessary the role of parents. Promotion and education about critical media literacy in parenting becomes important.

Teaching media literacy to parents intended so that they have knowledge and skills about the media, understand, analyze and criticize when children interact with it.

This is how to implement media literacy skills in parenting:

  • Instill honesty in children to share their daily lives with parents
  • Do all activities with family, both to learn and play
  • Accompany children when using the gadget / mobile
  • Limit the hours of use of gadgets or mobile phones

Notes from DeveHealth:

Media literacy skills is very important in this pandemic. Children’s school activities carried out online at home make children more and more free time using mobile phones to access various social media.

With critical media literacy, parents can accompany their children to filter information from various media. Strengthen the relationship between them through activities such as studying, playing or even vacationing together is highly advised so that children are not accustomed to spending free time using their own handphone.

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