Mendeley: App for Automated Citation

Mendeley is an application that allows you to create citations automatically. This application makes it easier for users to cite automatically, thereby reducing the risk of errors in writing a bibliography.

Citation or quotation in writing is very important. In addition to avoid plagiarism issues, the citation also makes it easier for other readers who want to refer to the cited source.

In writing citations manually, errors often occur due to lack of accuracy so that the bibliography does not match the number of citations.

By using Mendeley, simply select a reference and the citation will appear automatically. While for the bibliography there is no need to manually.

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How to get the Mendeley App?

Mendeley has a “citation and reference manager” function, which can also be called a reference database because apart from being used as an automatic citation tool.

This application also has a library function that makes it easy for users to manage their reference documents.

Various reference documents used, both in the form of journal articles in PDF form. All can be easily managed, stored, grouped according to topic, read and even annotated for important notes.

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To get this application, you simply visit the website and you can download the application easily. As for installing it is not difficult.

Notes from DeveHealth:

The Mendeley application makes it easy for us to make citations automatically, you can get this application for free!

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