Scientists Have Discovered a New Blood Type Called ‘Er’

A rare new blood type was found recently by experts from the University of Bristol and NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT). This blood type is known as Er.

This is the 44th blood group that has been described. Based on genetic polymorphisms in the Piezo1 protein, which is located on the surface of red blood cells, there are five forms of the Er antigen in this blood group.

Discovery of Er’s Blood Type

This Er blood type was identified by chance following the deaths of two pregnant mothers. The physicians examined the two pregnant women’s blood until they discovered issues.

Both have the blood type Er, which is quite unusual. This is what may cause the baby’s blood to differ from his own.

This issue may have triggered her immune system to create antibodies against her baby’s blood. These antibodies then cross the placenta and injure the kid, eventually killing the newborn.

Useful of Er Blood Type in the Medical Field

However, the finding of this new Er blood type became fresh medical information. This helped doctors comprehend some of the patients who died inexplicably from blood problems during pregnancy or transfusions.

A new blood group system is like discovering a new planet, according to assistant professor Daniela Hermelin of Saint Louis University School of Medicine, who was not involved in the study. It broadens the scope of our reality.

According to researchers from the University of Bristol and NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT), this discovery might help save lives in situations of serious blood incompatibility caused by the Er group.

Furthermore, it can help clinicians identify matched blood and detect indicators of blood incompatibility early in pregnancy. This allows the clinician to administer the appropriate blood transfusion during surgery or blood transfusions.

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