4 Daily Habits Could Cause Breakout Unconsciously

Some daily habits that we done sometimes can cause skin breakout unconsciously. This breakout means a condition which there are small reddish spots around the face.

Generally, this spots can occur in other body area such as back, neck and even chest. However, specifically in face area, breakout oftentimes appear in T-zone area like forehead, chin and cheeks.

The causes of breakout face are very diverse. Hormonal changes, excessive sweating, clogged facial pores, stress, medicinal or cosmetic products that are not suitable for the skin and also skin hygiene are the root triggers for this breakout!

Although its form in small spots, but if it come in large quantities this breakout will become very disturbing. Conscious or not, this four habits could cause breakout on your face:

1. Not Washing Face Routinely

washing face to prevent breakout

Washing your face is a very important as facial care step. After activities, facial skin may release oil which is if its not cleaned will cause breakout.

Additionally, for women who always use makeup, washing face should become a liability. Because the rest of the make-up that sticks will close the pores, lead to blackheads and also breakout on cheeks and another face area.

Also remember to choose face wash that suits your skin type and do it regularly 2x a day!

2. Dirty or Expired Make Up Tools

dirty make up tools cause skin breakout

Make up tools always used by women night and day. Unfortunately, not all women pay attention to their make up tools hygiene.

Brush, beauty blender powder sponge and another tools which looks dirty better to wash it or replace with new one.

Another problem is the make up tools that already expired. It also can cause irritation and super breakout. So, watch carefully expired date in every make up tools that you have!

3. Choosing The Wrong Cosmetics

Many cosmetics and skin care products available with different brands and different content. All woman should choose carefully according to their skin type.

Choosing the wrong product, instead of beautifying your face, otherwise it will actually exacerbate skin problems. Not only breakout, acne and irritation may occur.

4. Eating Unhealthy Food

unhealthy food cause breakout

Skin problems are also influenced by what we consume. Greasy food is one of the causes of facial acne include breakout.

Reduce consumption of greasy foods, instant foods and also foods with excess sugar. Remember to drink lots of water for your beauty skin!

All the habits above are often done and unwittingly become the cause of breakouts. If this happens, immediately do the breakout treatment before it gets worse.

Notes from DeveHealth:

In daily life, we touch our face maybe hundreds of times. Outdoor activities, the use of make-up and unhealthy food also become the cause of skin breakouts.

Therefore, always keep your skin clean! Wash your face regularly and choose products that suit your skin type.

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