5 Different Face Skin Types: Must Know Before Choosing Your Skin Care

Generally, there are five different face skin types, normal, dry, oily, combination and the last one is sensitive skin. All these skin type absolutely needs different treatment.

Identifying the skin type is very important before choosing products and treatment methods to be used. If it is not suitable, instead of getting beautiful skin, otherwise skin problems will arise.

Here are 5 face skin types, find which type your skin is!

1. Normal Skin

normal skin

Normal skin has a smooth and creamy texture, small pores and rarely have blackheads, acne and other skin problems.

People with normal skin will feel very comfortable because it does not dry and also not oily, so it is easy to determine skincare products and no need to worry to use face mask with different variants.

2. Oily Skin

oily face skin types

This skin type tends to be thick, looks shiny with open pores which is so easy to get acne if not treated properly.

People with this oily skin need a special cleanser for oily skin. Do not forget to use warm water when wash your face!

3. Dry Skin

dry skin

In contrast to oily skin, the dry skin types will feel rough, easy to itch and for severe cases will look like scaly.

Treatment for this skin type are use moisturizer regularly, avoid excessive sun exposure, and consume more water. Also use a serum for dry skin as one of your dry skin treatments!

4. Combination Skin

combination face skin types

This face skin types is a combination of oily or dry. Usually the face will look oily in only a few parts, for example the T-zone area, such as the nose, forehead and chin.

Combination skin care needs to be done carefully, use a moisturizer only on dry areas. While on oily areas wash it routinely and avoid products that contain lots of oil.

5. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types is very easy to become irritated. This is due to very dry conditions. Generally, this type caused by frequently changing facial care products so that the outer skin is thinning.

The characteristics of sensitive skin are similar to dry skin. However, in this type more prone to redness, scaly and itchy. Therefore, people with this sensitive skin need to be extra careful in choosing skincare products.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Know your face skin types very well! It is important before choosing your skincare treatment to be used in order to prevent any side effects.

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