5 Things to Know About Causes of Dandruff in Men

Dandruff in men is something that makes their self-confidence less. This problem is very common in women. But it turns out that not a few men admit to being disturbed by this hair problem.

Dandruff causes by a lot of different factoes. The common symptoms that are often felt are itching, inflammation, and dryness of the scalp.

Here are some of the causes of dandruff in men:

1. Rarely Shampooing Triggers Dandruff in Men

This habit makes the dirt on the scalp stick for longer. When the natural oils produced by the scalp mix with the dirt, it will triggers dandruff.

Men who have a lot of activities and sweat often are obliged to wash their hair 2-3 times a week. Mainly after exercising.

2. Improperly Shampooing

Always shampooing but still had dandruff? Try checking again how you wash your hair. Washing your hair in a hurry so that the remaining suds remain can trigger dandruff.

Do shampooing properly, rinse thoroughly and make sure there is no remaining shampoo on the head. Occasionally massage your head while shampooing and don’t forget to brush your hair afterwards!

3. Mistakes in using styling products

styling causes dandruff in men

One of the hair styling products used by men is pomade. After using these products, better wash your hair immediately. Otherwise it will be the rest of the dirt scalp and cause dandruff in men.

Be careful when using styling products. Avoid excessive use and do not touch the scalp as much as possible!

4. Unhealthy food caused Dandruff in Men

Unhealthy foods such as foods with excess fat can make triggers dandruff easily.

Balance your intake with vegetables and fruit so that fiber and protein content is met, thereby reducing the potential for dandruff on the head.

5. Stress and Lack of Exercise


Stress is also a cause of dandruff in men! It can trigger seborrheic dermatitis, which is a skin disorder such as redness, itching and choking.

Meanwhile, lack of exercise is also the cause of this scalp problem. We recommend that you be diligent in exercising so that blood circulation becomes smooth so you avoid skin problems.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Well some of the above habits can unwittingly cause white flakes or dandruff to appear and harass you! Wash your regularly and cleanly, also balance a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eat healthy food.

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