Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding: What is the Difference?

Breastfeeding and formula are always hot topics of conversation for mothers. Basically, breast milk is the best intake for babies.

Exclusive breastfeeding for babies for a full 6 months without any additional food or other drinks is very good because the baby’s digestive system up to that age is not yet perfect for digesting food other than breast milk.

Meanwhile, formula feeding is only recommended for certain conditions. For example, if the mother is unable to breastfeed for some reason. Formula milk is a processed food intake synthetically.

The difference between breastfeeding and formula is that breast milk contains good bacteria and enzymes that strengthen the intestines and digestion of a developing baby.

Meanwhile, formula milk does not have these living cells, so it does not have the ability to protect the baby from infection.

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Combining Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

Combining Breastfeeding and formula

All mothers certainly want to provide the best for their babies. However, the fact is that not all mothers can provide exclusive breastfeeding due to certain conditions.

Some of the reasons are because of the low supply of breast milk and because of the condition of abnormalities in the baby.

Wherever possible exclusive breastfeeding always recommended by doctors. Because all of the baby’s needs are met by breast milk. Unless these conditions occur:

  • Low supply of breast milk. Some mothers experience this. Usually the breast milk will come out on the 3rd postpartum day, but it can happen much longer than that.
  • Low baby weight growth. Marked by an insignificant increase, it is likely that the doctor will recommend adding formula milk.

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For some cases like that, it is acceptable to give formula milk to the baby. The combination method is also a recommendation if the amount of mother’s milk supply is still low.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Exclusive breastfeeding is the main choice for baby health. For mothers who are experiencing difficulties, it is highly recommended to consult with a doctor before giving formula milk to babies.

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