Fetal Movement: In Which Month Baby Start Moving in Womb?

Fetal movement is something that pregnant women have been waiting for. Besides being an encouragement for them, this movement is an indicator to assess the health of fetal development.

The fetus generally has been able to move since 12 weeks, but because of its small size, the pregnant mother sometimes doesn’t really feel it. Usually the movement is more pronounced when entering 20 weeks of gestation.

Each pregnant women experience different things, the first time felt baby movement is not only influenced by the size of the baby in womb. But also by the size of the mother’s stomach and the skin thickness, in some case also depending on pregnancy history.

In women who had first pregnancy, baby movement may be felt much longer, even a few new cases said that the movement feel at the 25 weeks of gestation. Conversely, in women with second pregnancy onwards, the baby kicking has been felt in the age of 16-18 weeks.

Fetal Movement in Every Weeks

baby movement

Active baby’s movement would be happiness for mothers and fathers. It turns out that the fetal movement has different sign, consider the following reviews:

  • 12 weeks of gestation: Fetus has started to move. The movement of the baby in the 3 month womb is still very gentle so that some pregnant women may not feel anything because the baby is still very small.
  • 4 month pregnant baby movement: Baby begins to move and feels like a bubble or butterfly flap in the stomach.
  • At the 5th month: Baby’s movements are more pronounced, not only faintly but the mother can feel a knock from the stomach.
  • 24 weeks: The baby’s movements will feel more like a little twitch when the baby hiccups.
  • At the 7th month: The baby will move a lot, the kicks and punches will be more pronounced. Pregnant women can start counting kicks.
  • Baby movements at 36 weeks: The intensity will slow down a little, this is because the uterus is getting denser and the baby’s growth is getting bigger.

Baby kicking is one of way to know the fetus development status. Therefore, pregnant women need to do fetal movement monitor every day. Babies will be more active when they enter the second trimester.

When there is no movement, the baby may be resting or sleeping. But if you feel reduced fetal movement for a long time, immediately consult to the doctor and do an USG.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Pregnant women can also stimulate the baby to move. Babies will respond if you eat sweet foods, cold food or drinks, play music, or by pressing gently.

Do not forget to set a comfortable position so you can feel the movement clearly. Baby will be very active if the mother lies to the left.

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