5 Positive Benefits of Music for Pregnancy

Music for pregnancy gives a lot of benefits for pregnant women and also the fetus. As we all know, the fetus is able to actively hear when entering 16 weeks of gestational age.

The fetus can hear and respond when the mother talks to her, including when the mother play music.

There is possibility that the fetus can recognize and feel comfortable when hearing it again after birth. So, for all pregnant women should be smart in choosing music to play. Many doctors prefer relaxing music like classical music which has a calming rhythm.

Besides its benefits for fetal development, hearing music is also soothing for pregnant women. Check out the following reviews about the benefits of music during pregnancy:

1. Anti Stress for Pregnant Women

stress pregnant women

Stress during pregnancy is often occurs. This condition is certainly avoided by pregnant women to prevent bad affect to the fetus. So stress management is very important.

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Well, music is a positive stimulus in pregnancy and a way to handle stress! It is caused by high estrogen levels during this period. These hormones affect the brain’s pleasure and are more relaxed when pregnant women hearing the music.

2. Treatment for Pregnancy Insomnia

One of the problems often experienced by pregnant mother is trouble sleeping or insomnia at night. As it turned out, play music before going to bed to be the cure for insomnia.

Music helps pregnant mother feel relaxed and makes sleep. Of course, that condition is very good for the development and condition of the baby in womb. Remember, choose relaxing music like the sounds of piano for better insomnia treatment.

3. Training the Baby’s Hearing in the Womb

baby in womb can hear

When the pregnant mother playing the music, it will indirectly affect the levels of concentration, skill and the development of hearing baby in womb.

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Vibration and waves are believed to make the baby to concentrate on a sound and it is also excellent for stimulating mental.

It turns out that playing the same music with music played when the baby in womb can calm the baby after birth. That’s why, pregnant mother are advised to play positive music, such as spiritual or religious songs.

4. Improve Baby Reflexes

While hearing the strains of the song or music, fetus tries to move in tune with the pulse of the music vibe. This is the reason, doctors highly recommend relaxing music. For example, classical music with a soft rhythm.

By listening to music, babies will learn to express themselves so that they encourage better reflexes, even after they are born later.

5. Encourage Bonding Between Mother and Fetus

Music becomes a medium of communication between the fetus and the mother. Increase the bonding before birth is certainly a good thing. Pregnant women can feel the baby’s reaction in the womb when the music is played.

While play music, pregnant mother may also tell the meaning of the strains played. It is good because the mother’s voice is very soothing for the baby in womb so that it encourages fetal development and strengthens the inner bonding before the baby is born.

Notes from DeveHealth:

Music during pregnancy is worthwhile, right? When baby in womb hearing music, it will help her/him get to know and interact with mother. Not only that, music is also beneficial for pregnant women as a way to handle stress and as insomnia treatment.

But be careful! For pregnant women should not point the headphones straight to the stomach, just turn on the music in a music player.

If it is played at high volume, negative effect will be bad influence on fetal development. Such as premature birth, low birth weight, and may caused hearing loss in newborns.

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