Top 7 Calcium Rich Food for Healthy Bones

Calcium rich food is important for our body, especially for healthy bones. This mineral supports various functions of the body’s normal work day. For example, to support nerve function, muscle contraction-oot help, support normal blood clotting, as well as maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Most of the calcium in our body is stored in bones and teeth. Only one percent is in the blood, muscle cells, and other body tissues. This mineral is important for preventing osteoporosis. In addition, pregnant women and nursing mothers also need calcium.

Milk is one of the most commonly recognized sources of calcium. But there are a variety of foods containing calcium that you can also consume to meet this mineral’s needs. Here are some food sources of calcium:

1. Milk

milk as Calcium Rich Food

Milk is an excellent sources of calcium. If you don’t like milk or have a lactose intolerance condition, soy milk can be an alternative. In each cup (200ml) of soy milk, contains about 240 mg of calcium.

2. Cheese as calcium rich food

Consumption of cheese is one way to meet calcium needs. This option is an alternative for people who have allergies to milk protein. Various food menus with cheese variants are available in the market.

 3. Almond


Types of these beans are often combined with this chocolate is  recommended as foods high in calcium. Consumption of 20 almonds can meet 75 mg of calcium.

4. Yogurt, one of calcium rich foods

Yogurt has been found to have various health benefits. One cup (245 grams) of plain yogurt can contain 30 percent of your daily calcium needs, as well as phosphorus, potassium and vitamins B2 and B12.

5. Sardines and Salmon

Delicious sardines contain 286 mg of calcium. If possible, do not set it aside on a soft bone because the bone this fish also contain calcium. Moreover, this type of much-loved salmon are known to contain 180mg of calcium in the second half ounces of salmon in cans.

6. Vegetables as calcium rich food

Not only fish, some vegetables also recommended as calcium foods. One vegetable that is high in calcium are broccoli, pok choy and spinach. In 50 grams of broccoli there is at least 30 mg of calcium. To consume it, broccoli can be served as fresh vegetables or a food complementary ingredient.

One small cup of pok choy can contain about 150 mg of calcium. Not less than pok choy, spinach also contains high levels of calcium. In 100 grams of spinach, contained at least 150 mg of calcium.

7. Tofu, Sources of Calcium

tofu as calcium rich food

These foods that are rich in vegetable protein also contain high enough calcium. By eating 150 grams tofu, you can get 300-500 mg of calcium tablets!

Notes from DeveHealth:

Some foods as calcium rich food above can be found easily to meet your calcium intake adequacy. Meet the needs of this important mineral to avoid a variety of diseases caused by lack of calcium, such as osteoporosis.

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