3 Tips Ramadan Fasting for Those with Gastritis

Gastritis or ulcer is a condition that requires sufferers to eat regularly and on time. Then how people with gasritis do the fasting?

Ulcer or in medical terms is called gastritis is a disease caused by bad eating habits such as late meals. As a result, the stomach feels sore and bloated.

Entering the holy month of Ramadan, perhaps many ulcer sufferers begin to worry that they are at risk of relapse due to fasting.

But there is no need to be afraid, here are some tips for fasting healthily and safely:

1. Eat slowly and in moderation to prevent gastritis

fasting with gastritis

Even though you have been hungry all day, it’s best if you break your fast to eat slowly. Start with a light meal and drink warm water first.

Avoid eating in a hurry to avoid the risk of increased stomach acid. This often happens because the food is not chewed properly.

Eat in moderation, these are tips for ulcer sufferers. When iftar or breakfasting highly advise to eat smaller portions and give a break before starting to eat big.

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2. Avoid foods and drinks that trigger ulcers


People who has gastritis certainly already know the foods and drinks that trigger stomach acid recurrence.

For sahur and iftar or breakfasting better to avoid fatty foods, too acidic and also spicy food.

Don’t forget, soft drinks and contain caffeine such as coffee, you must also limit it.

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3. Wait for a while before going to bed after eating

sleep after fasting

After eating the meal, the drowsiness was unbearable. However, you should avoid sleeping after eating so that stomach acid does not increase.

Sit down for a moment with an upright body, give the body time to digest the food.

You can also keep your head and shoulders high relative to your stomach, for example by using a pillow.

Notes from DeveHealth:

The three tips above can be apply to keep fasting comfortable without complaints of gastritis. It is suggested to control emotions and get some rest.

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