5 Tips to Improve Toddler Weight Naturally and Healthily

Toddler weight typically will gain as they explore and like more foods. They are willing to consume multiple foods without being too overweight. However, there are parents who still facing problems of a toddler with a low appetite. That’s why their kids’ weight remains stuck or just lose as they don’t eat much.

It is important to know the reasons why your children don’t eat much so it will be easier to choose the right treatments. Here are just general tips that can help your little ones to have more weight.

How to Naturally Gain Toddler Weight?

1. Never Skip Meals

Let your children know when the mealtimes are. You need to remind them when the mealtimes are coming when they are still playing or doing other activities. This will help them to form habits of eating on time. By getting used to the mealtime, they will never skip their meals.

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Make children aware of their mealtimes is important. It is because they tend to get focus when doing something which sometimes leads to forgetting their meals. Whereas, they still need many important nutrients for their growth which are obtained from daily meals.

2. Give More Small Meals

Give More Small Meals

Sometimes toddlers don’t really like to consume a regular amount of foods during their meals. If so, you can replace three bigger meals in a day into smaller amounts which they can completely finish. You can serve either four or five smaller meals in a day to avoid full feeling on them.

Serving smaller meals more times a day is often effective to improve toddler weight.

3. Consume High Nutrient Foods

Anytime you find out that your children need to gain weight, give them foods that contain high nutrients and high calories. Make sure they consume foods with a great amount of protein, fat, and other important nutrients for growth.

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Among a wide variety of foods, there are fried eggs, dried fruits, cereal, and whole milk yogurt. You also can ask your children what they like to eat and give them ones with high nutrients.

4. Add Healthy Supplements

Add Healthy Supplements

Although kids are not recommended to taking any supplements you actually use other foods as healthy supplements, particularly to help them have more weight. They are typically types of foods with extra calories.

Some examples of health supplements that you can give to toddlers are honey, cheese, peanut butter, avocados, margarine, and mayonnaise. You can even combine these supplements with other foods. For instance, you can add some drops of honey to their pancake to add some calories.

5. Reduce Drinks during Mealtimes

Another factor that makes your kids avoid meals is too much drinking. Hence, you need to reduce the number of drinks, especially during their mealtimes. It helps children not feeling full and want to eat more foods when having meals.

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It’s actually normal to see children eating one meal in a day and choose the other meals as long as they still gain weight. However, if you find out they are too skinny and often skipping meals, it can be useful for you to try those tips to improve toddler weight.

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