7 Characteristics of People with Bipolar Disorder

Characteristics of people with bipolar disorder are generally very clear. That is, there is a very drastic mood, you can feel very happy and then turn into very sad.

There are two types of episodes in bipolar disorder. Manic episodes or so-called rising phase, and depressive episodes or down phase. This situation can changes quickly where suddenly the sufferer can experience depression or vice versa.

Manic episodes are when the sufferer becomes very excited and talks quickly. Meanwhile, a depressive episode is when a person looks sad and loses enthusiasm for their daily activities.

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These are 7 Characteristics of People with Bipolar Disorder

Characteristics of people with bipolar disorder

Characteristics of someone with bipolar disorder can be very different. Symptoms vary greatly in pattern, severity, and frequency. Some experience frequent mood disturbances, while others experience them only a few times in their lives.

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In some cases people are also found to be more prone to mania or depression, while in others it alternates between the two.

The following are characteristics of a manic episode or rising phase:

  • Feeling overjoyed,
  • Think very optimistic but not realistic.
  • Speaks very fast and hard to understand.
  • Having trouble sleeping or insomnia but very energetic.
  • Impaired judgment and impulsivity, unable to differentiate between real and imaginary.
  • Difficulty staying still, moving continuously or walking back and forth.
  • Having delusions and hallucinations in severe cases.

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The hallmarks of a depressive episode or phase down are:

  • Feeling hopeless, sad, not interested in activities
  • Loss of appetite drastically
  • Feeling tired, powerless suddenly.
  • Withdraw from the environment and the people closest to you.
  • Having trouble with memory and difficulty focusing.
  • Speaks very slowly, the conversation goes in circles.
  • Easily emotional and thoughts of suicide appear in severe cases.

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