Must Try: 5 Easy Tips for Back Acne Treatment!

Back acne treatment is important for some people which experienced it. The reason is because this kind of body acne certainly makes them feel uncomfortable when accompanied by itchiness.

Back acne is generally caused by a blockage of the skin by dead skin cells and oil. So this skin problem can be treated with some medications or ointments prescribed by a doctor. But before that, follow these bacne treatment tips first:

1. Keep your body clean, simple back acne treatment

take a bath for back acne treatment

Sweat and dirt that appears after activity. If it accumulates and clogs hair follicles, it will trigger acne on the body, including your back.

Therefore, be diligent in cleaning yourself with a bath 2x a day. Use a gentle scrub so it can remove dead skin cells on your skin!

2. Maintain Your Hair Cleanliness

hail cleanliness

Long hair flowing down to his back also became one of the causes of acne. This is because the dirt and oil on the hair can clog the pores of the skin on the back.

If you have long hair, it’s better to tie your hair while on the move and don’t forget to wash it regularly.

3. Use Loose and Sweat-Absorbing Clothes

loose clothes

Use loose clothes with material that absorbs sweat easily. This can reduce the risk of acne on your back!

If your body easily experiences excessive sweating, you should change your clothes frequently. If you wear it too long in a sweaty condition, it will certainly trigger acne on your body and back.

4. Eat Healthy Food

healthy food

Foods that contain lots of excess sugar are believed to cause acne.

We recommend that you consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C so you can take care of the beauty of your skin!

5. Use Tea Tree Oil as your back acne treatment

Tea tree oil for back acne treatment

Tea tree oil is widely used in products to eliminate back acne. This plant is said to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are believed to help kill acne-causing bacteria.

You can apply tea tree oil on your back to relieve acne. Do it regularly after taking a shower!

Notes from DeveHealth:

If your back starts to show acne, immediately do the above treatment before the problem gets worse and leave acne scars on back. All tips above highly recommended as your back acne solutions. Don’t forget to maintain your personal hygiene and to set a healthy diet.

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