P-Process in Health Communication Strategy

P-Process is one scheme or framework that could explain the stages in developing effective health communication programs.

P-Process is designed since 1982 and has several improvements or revisions to become better. The explanation is in a detailed step-by-step.

Called P-Process because the framework resembles the letter P. This framework illustrates step by step how to develop strategies for health communication program.

When implementing these stages, 2 things are also need, which are community participation and strengthening.

Both all parties from program compilers, policy makers to the community have a role in planning a effective health communication program.

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P-Process Stages

P-Process framework

The framework that developed by Population Communication Service has 5 stages from analysis to evaluation. Here’s the explanation:

1. Analysis, at this stage the program compilers must carry out two analyzes. Issue analysis which aims to understand the issue or health problem raised and its factors. Meanwhile, audience analysis understands target characteristics ranging from demographics such as age, education, to cultural background.

2. Strategic Design, this second step tell us that to make communication objectives better to follow the SMART rules (Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Time-Bound). Then, then determine the media that will be used.

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3. Development and Testing, at this stage the concept, message content and media begin to be develop. After that, tests or trials to representatives of the target group should be done to see what deficiencies need to be fix.

4. Implementation and Monitoring, after a good planning and development stage, the program implementation began. Participation from all parties is also important along with monitoring so that the program runs according to planning.

5. Evaluation & Replanning , evaluation is important in every program. This is useful for measuring the success of the program, whether it is effective or not and how it impacts the target.

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Notes from DeveHealth:

In developing a health communication program, the analysis stage is key because it is important so that the contents of the information can be easily understood by the target/ audiences.


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