Recovering from Covid-19: No More PCR Test Needed

PCR test or polymerase chain reaction is a method of examining the Covid-19 virus by detecting viral DNA. Until now, these test is consider as the most valid test to diagnose a person’s positive or not.

But in fact, at this time PCR can not be the determinant of a person has recovered from Covid-19 or not. Self-isolation for 10-14 days and free of symptoms is the standard.

For people who are infected by Covid-19 with no symptoms or mild symptoms, it is advisable to do a self isolation for 10 days after symptoms appear plus three symptom-free days.

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This is a directive from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why is there no need for a PCR test anymore?

PCR test covid-19

At the beginning of the pandemic, PCR was a determinant of the recovery of Covid-19 patients. But now that is no longer the case.

It is because PCR cannot distinguish between active viruses and inactive viruses (carcasses of dead viruses). Thus, there are times when a person has been cured, but the carcass of the virus is still detected by PCR so that the results are still tested positive.

The virus particles can survive even months after the individual is cure. However, it cannot be re-infected because it is inactive.

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Therefore, after self-isolation for 10-14 days and being symptom-free, to ensure recovery, patients can see medical personnel or doctors.

In contrast, if after 10-14 days of isolation independent and still symptomatic, the patient Covid-19 can perform checks antigen rapid test for back care.

In patients with moderate and severe symptoms, would need to consult further to a doctor or medical personnel in order to receive appropriate treatment.

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Notes from DeveHealth:

If you get infect with Covic-19, then calm down and make sure your immunity is maintain by taking vitamins, exercising and managing your mind so you don’t get stress. Do not hesitate or feel embarrass to see a doctor in order to get the handling right!

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