Review Aloe Vera: Healing the Itchiness in Pregnant Women’s Belly

Aloe vera is currently a trend of facial treatments. Generally it was used for healthy hair. But now has been widely used as a facial treatment, for example as a moisturizer.

This gel-shaped material is also widely recommended to treat the itching experienced by pregnant women. When the baby in womb keep growing, pregnant woman’s belly becomes more big. The skin start to stretch and very easy to dry. That why pregnant women experienced ithciness.

Some solutions to treat itching on the stomach of pregnant women include applying olive oil to baby oil. But after testing, it turned aloe vera is the most potent.

Real Experience Using Aloe Vera While Pregnant

When I try using olive oil and baby oil, the itchiness was still felt even though the stomach skin felt moist. The use of olive oil and baby oil has done since entering the age of 2 months of pregnancy.

Entering 6 months of pregnancy, the stomach was getting bigger and it itches even more. The stomach’s skin also looks very dry. Even after trying the lotion, the skin was still dry.

After using aloe vera (Nature Republic) the itching sensation began to decrease. Since the beginning of the use this gel gives moisturizing effect and a sense of cool skin.

Only within 1-2 weeks of the differences are very pronounced. My stomach’s skin is no longer itchy and the dry skin has now returned to moisture.

The maintenance is also very easy! Just need to apply aloe vera in your stomach area just before bed. Do it every day to keep the skin moist.

You can also use it more often. Some people use this gel after taking a bath as a lotion.

Notes from DeveHealth:

For pregnant women, there is nothing wrong with trying aloe vera. Besides to moisturizing, this gel is also believed to prevent stretchmarks!

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