Sensitive Skin: Symptoms and Signs

Sensitive skin needs special attention in its care. This type of skin has high risk to get irritation if exposed to air that is dry and cold, as well as products that do not fit.

In general, there are five types of skin, which is normal, dry, oily, combination and the last is a sensitive skin. Each type certainly requires different care.

For people with this type of skin face would be highly disruptive conditions due to irritation of itching, burning, stinging or the sensation of the skin taut.

Generally, sensitive skin face due to frequent substitute for the product or the effects of a particular treatment that resulted in the outermost skin layer have peeling and thinning.

Here are the sensitive skin signs you have to know:

1. Skin Flushing Easily

flushing face

One of the sensitive face skin symptoms is very easy to flush. The reddish reaction can appear as a reaction to exposure to or use of a product.

If you have sensitive skin face and use a product then your skin becomes irritated and reddens, better to stop using it immediately.

2. Easily Get Spots or Rashes

sensitive skin

Rash and spotting is also sensitive skin symptoms, it arises because of the effects after using a product. Extreme weather can also cause this reaction.

Therefore, it is recommended for those of you with sensitive skin, before buying a product, first apply it under the arm or behind the ear to see if there is a rash reaction or not. We recommend that you consult with experts.

3.Dry Skin and Peeling Easily

dry skin

Dry skin is one of the sign. As a result, the skin peels easily due to a lack of moisture.

People with these skin need to be careful when doing skin care with exfoliation. If it is excessive, it can cause severe flaking. Instead, use a moisturizer with safe ingredients.

4. Easy to Get Itchiness


Another signs is itchiness. Its experienced due to severe dry skin. Therefore, the owner of these skin needs special facial treatment.

Too often face wash does not seem advisable. Better to use a moisturizer with a softer care product to hydrate the skin and keep the skin’s natural moisture.

Notes from DeveHealth:

People with sensitive skin face needs to choose their skin care carefully. If you use a new product and experience irritation, don’t rush into changing your skin care products. It is recommended to stop using it for a few weeks before using another new product.

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