The Surprising Origin of the Musky Perfume

Musky perfume favored by many people. Its used as a perfume for women and also men. This popular scent has many variants such as white musk until blueberries are extracted from plants and fruits.

This variant favored by many people because of the warm and sensual scent. But the suprising fact is, the history of making musk scent is not from plants, but the basic ingredients come from deer.

Check out the following facts about the origin of the musky perfume:

1. The Basic Material from Deer

musk deer

It turns out that this musky scent comes from the secretion of fragrance produced by the stomach glands of male deer without horns, called musk deer. This gland secretes strong pheromones to attract partners.

Musk deer is one of the rare animals which are protected and still found in a forested area in the mountains of India, Tibet, Pakistan, Siberia, and Mongolia.

In fact, the deer glands that produce musk scent are one of the most expensive natural sources. For your information, the price of one kilogram of glandular sac from this animal can reach 632 million rupiah!

2. The Beginning of Musk Use in Perfume

Al-kindi made perfume

The glands of the musk deer has been used as raw material for musk scent since ancient times in the eastern regions of the Roman (Byzantine) and Arabic empires in the 6th century.

At that time, this musk material was mixed into the raw material of the wall to build the mosque. Then, when the wall exposed by the sun, the distinctive the musk fragnance will spread.

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An Arab philosopher named Al-Kindi, author of hundreds of treatises including perfume, mentione that musk is an ingredient that is found in many perfumes. As a result, the gland from this deer become the most valuable luxury item imported from the East!

3. The Basic Material for Musk At Present

musk flower

The use of deer glands as a musky material was very surprising for its users. The fact is deer include in one of protected endangered animals.

Therefore, the source of raw materials musk then no longer use the protected species but derived from plants.

Currently, musky fragnance perfume products made by using plants that have almost the same scent as the musk deer gland. Some of the plants used are Garden Angelica (Angelica archangelica), Musk Flower (Mimulus moschatus) Abelmosk or Ambrette seeds (Abelmoschus moschatus).

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Notes from DeveHealth:

Perfume with the musky scent become a much-loved fragrances because its natural sweet aroma, creamy and even called a timber-like aroma. Nowadays, this musky scent also become perfumes for men.

For you perfume lovers, there is no need to be afraid using this scent now because these fragnance is no longer using deer but extracts from various plants and fruits.

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