3 Types of Media in Health Promotion

Media in health promotion is very useful. There are various types of media used in the health sector. Media is defined as a tool or props that function to help and demonstrate something in the health promotion process.

The media becomes a liaison between the giver of information to the recipient of the information or the target group. With the media, the information will be more easily sent to the target.

Along with the times, the types of media are also growing and various types. The following is the rapid journey of media from generation to generation:

  • The first generation in the form of text, images and others that are still not connected to the mains.
  • Then, the second-generation media began to find the printing press by Johann Guttenberg
  • The third generation has been known by the media with audio-visual technology in the form of television and radio.
  • Lastly, in the fourth generation, the communication process has relied on the existence of computers and mobile phones as it is today.

Types of Health Promotion Media

Many media are in visual and audio forms, if the media is only in the form of sound then it is Audio Aids. Meanwhile, if it displays an appearance, it is Visual Aids. But the best part is the combination of both the Audio-Visual Aids.

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1. Print Media in Health Promotion

print Media in Health Promotion

This media has existed since time immemorial. Examples may include posters, leaflets up billboards are much plastered streets.

The print media type relying on visual only, meaning only images and text. This is a weakness because there are no interesting sound and motion effects. However, the advantages of print media is no need big cost.

2. Electronic Media

electronic Media in Health Promotion

This type of media began to appear along with the development of technology. Radio and television become one of the tools to bring up information in the form of audio-visual, meaning that there are moving images and sounds that can be heard.

For examples such as advertisements, short videos or in the form of songs. This became the advantages of electronic media because it is more interesting. But of course it costs more to produce it.

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3. New Mass Media

Social media is an example of a new mass media. In this sophisticated era, information needs are starting to be fulfill through social media. Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube to podcasts are common things to use.

Because it is widely access, this new mass media becomes an opportunity to become a tool for disseminating health information.

Health Media is certainly easily accessible and can be distribute easily. Just need to be careful with hoaxes or false news which is not true information.

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Notes from DeveHealth:

In health promotion programs, the media becomes a very important tool. Remember, you should know the characteristics of the target first before determining the type of media to be used!

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