The Covid-19 Vaccine: Understanding How Its Work

The Covid-19 vaccine is part of an attenuated virus. A person who gets a COVID-19 vaccine injection in his body will form immunity without having to be infected first.

The aim of the vaccination program is to increase immunity, reduce severity, and reduce morbidity and mortality from COVID-19.

By achieving herd immunity, we can protect the community from COVID-19 so that they remain socially and economically productive.

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Then How Covid-19 Vaccine Work in Our Body?

Each type or type of vaccine works in a different way to protect the body from the threat of coronavirus. The point that needs to know is that all types of vaccines will form an immune system in the body.

That immune system will recognize how to fight infection from the corona in the future. Remember, the human body takes several weeks after get vaccine to produce immunity.

Sometimes there is even a chance that a person can become infected with COVID-19 immediately or after vaccination when the vaccine has not yet had enough time to provide protection.

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Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep wearing a mask, wash your hands with soap and keep your distance when outside the house or doing outdoor activity.

After vaccination the process of immune formation can cause reactions such as fever. This reaction is normal and is a sign that the body is producing immunity.

Keep in mind, the side effects felt after the vaccine is a normal reaction. So there is no need to panic, and you just need to get enough rest, drink enough water or take medicine as recommended by the doctor if necessary.

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