Watermelon for Nursing Mothers, Increase Breast Milk Supply

Watermelon for nursing mothers has a lotof benefits that are sometimes not known. Fruit that has a red color with black striped green skin is not only refreshing, but also brings nutrients to nursing mothers.

In one bowl of watermelon contains calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein and also various vitamins. Among them are vitamins A, C and B5!

This are top 4 benefits of watermelon for nursing mothers:

1. Watermelon for Nursing Mothers Can Increase Breast Milk Supply

Watermelon for nursing mothers increase breast milk

Mothers who experience problems with minimal milk production are strongly recommend to consume watermelon. Vitamin A content can increase milk production capacity.

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In addition, the presence of vitamins A, B, C, folic acid and minerals in watermelon is very important to maintain and improve the quality of breast milk!

2. Improve the baby’s immune system

immune baby

As we all know, newborn babies have a vulnerable immune system. The content of vitamin C in watermelon can be easy and healthy way to increase the immune system.

It is also known that the content of vitamin C in it is 13 percent, which is very good for the immunity of growing the mother’s baby.

3. Watermelon for Nursing Mothers, Prevent Dehydration


Nursing mothers are advised to consume lots of water. Well watermelon can be an alternative to help meet the needs of the mother liquor!

This fruit contains 92% water which will also help nursing mothers feel full quickly. Very good for reducing thirst when breastfeeding, as well as helping to increase milk production for some mothers.

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4. Maintain healthy skin, hair and bones of Nursing Mothers

Watermelon for Nursing Mothers maintain skin health

Watermelon is great for the eyes because it contains vitamin A. Not only for the eyes, vitamin A is also need by several body issues, including skin and hair, to keep them healthy.

In addition to complaints of hair loss, fatigue became a common condition experienced by nursing mothers. The iron and calcium content in watermelon is good for the health of the body so it doesn’t get sore quickly during breastfeeding.

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Notes from DeveHealth:

Eating fruit while breastfeeding is highly recommended. The nutritional content is beneficial for both mother and baby.

Watermelon can be an option for nursing mothers snacks. Refreshing, preventing dehydration, and even prevent constipation!

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